Computer Vision for the Circular Economy

Reuse. Remanufacture. Recycle.
Enabled by Artificial Intelligence.
Our Mission

Using AI to automate manual tasks in the Circular Economy

Circular usage often requires the assessment of the type and condition of products and materials. This labor-intense task impedes circular value creation, especially in regions with high labor cost.

We dedicate our work toward the development of AI-enabled solutions to automate complex and labor-intense tasks in the circular economy.
Our Solutions

Circular AI-Automation




We help you to explore suitable AI use cases in your business and build-up AI know how among your employees.
We use a proven method to test whether an AI algorithm can learn your individual business tasks and provide returns.
After successful testing we build industrial-grade solutions to bring trained AI algorithms into your business processes.
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How to test AI in the Circular Economy

W. Klat & H. Brandt-Pook (2021): “A Blueprint for Computer Vision Testing in the Circular Economy”. In: V. Wohlgemuth et al.: “Environmental Informatics. A bogeyman or saviour to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals?” Proceedings of the 35th edition for the EnviroInfo: 251-258.

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